Refits and boat refits in Ibiza

Your boat in the best hands

Refits and boat refits in Ibiza

Your boat in the best hands

Engineers specialized in boat refits or reforms

The boat refit, also known as boat refits, consists of reconditioning and/or improving the condition of the boat while maintaining or preventing possible damage to the boat.

What opportunities does a boat refit bring?

The professionals in charge of carrying it out are experts in care and repairs that concern the:

  • Electrical system

    Updating and preserving the electrical system is vital to ensure the safety of boaters. But not only that, nowadays it is possible to install new electrical systems with which to have even greater performance on board.

  • Boat hull

    A boat hull in poor condition can cause great damage to the overall boat or even physical damage to the sailors. For this reason, periodic inspections must be carried out to guarantee its good condition.

  • Deck and exteriors

    It is necessary to examine the deck in detail to prevent and fix possible damage before it worsens, as well as to provide basic maintenance to prolong its beauty.

  • Engine of the boat

    The heart of the boat, considering that it is the main element of the boat and without it we can not navigate, we must pay close attention to it, preventive maintenance is undoubtedly the best option to avoid discomfort in short and long term, but as the years and hours of your engine go by we must deepen its maintenance, that is when we enter into major services for engine maintenance, revisions according to the manufacturer or complete refits to return your engine to its best condition.

  • Generators

    The great forgotten of the boats but so essential for life on board. Considering that it is an engine that generates electricity and that we use it on average 500% more than the main engine, we should pay more attention to it than to the main engine itself, increasing its periodic reviews and annual maintenance and finally making the corresponding refit to extend its useful life.

The refit has become one of the essential activities when it comes to contribute to renovate and maintain the boat in good condition. Is it time for a repair? Then rely on more than 18 years of experience repairing boats of all types.

Nauticall, expert engineers in boat reforms in Ibiza

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More than 20 years of experience in Ibiza & Formentera

More than 20 years of experience in Ibiza & Formentera

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